See Europe With The Best European Tours

Europe is an ever popular tourist destination- and what better way to see it then with the best European tours out there? If you’re in the market to crash the continent, try for great deals on European tours and more. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s some inspiration.

Italian Romance.

Who doesn’t dream of Italy? It’s a beautiful country, and holds a little of something for everyone- from Roman ruins to fabulous food and friendly people. Take a trek through the beauties of Tuscany, or follow their wine routes for a taste of the best. Don’t forget, however, about Sicily, Italy’s neighboring island- especially if you’re into archaeology and history. This diverse and exquisite landscape is a must-see for any traveler and deserves it’s spot as the number one best European tour on our list.

The Emerald Isle.

Land of myth and folklore, who can resist Ireland and her charms? Rugged and striking coastlines are perfect for hikers, while those with an interest in the rich folklore of the place won’t feel left out. There’s also a thronging ancestral tourism industry in Ireland if you’re tracing your roots back. From overnight castle tours to pub crawls that will daunt even the fiercest drinker, it’s a best European tour option for sure.

Scandinavian marvels

Sweden probably wouldn’t be your number one on any adventure tour list- but that’s because you don’t know what we do. If you’re looking to combine adventure with the best of European tours, try piloting a reluctant raft- that, by the way, you’ve built yourself- through the wilds of this exquisite nation. Or follow their historical logging routes and indulge your curiosity. This oft-neglected tourist destination has something for everyone.

The romance of the Ottoman Empire.

Another destination steeped in ancient history but redolent with modern vibrancy, Turkey’s a must see for the young and young at heart. Visit spice markets, buy textiles to die for or the best of Persian carpets. Or explore their vibrant night life and live it up with the party atmosphere. Explore the ancient streets, or take in the best of modern entertainment at clubs. Whatever you want, Turkey has it, and it’s a best European tour destination for sure.

C’est si Bon.

Ah, France. Who could miss this perpetual favorite off of any best European tour list? France will take you from rustic villa to medieval church and ancient ruin- to the pick of the vineyards and the best of the best shopping experiences in Paris. Explore the best in cuisine or the wonders of art both modern and classic, or take to the hills on your bikes and earn yourself a yellow jersey of your own. Embrace your inner fashionista and live it up with the best. And who could skip the iconic Eifel tour and the beautiful sites of Notre Damme? Whatever your heart desires, you’re sure to find it here in France.

Whatever your flavor, these best European tour destinations will see you making memories you’ll never forget!


If you are looking for an online adventure travel advisor to the Galapagos Islands, you need to find one that includes links to flight information and cruise information, too. Working online gives you the chance to study schedules at your own convenience, and to start your research without time constraints. With the right site, you can make your own reservations, after reading reviews about each of the services you schedule.


Most people elect to fly to Ecuador to begin their trip to the Galapagos Islands. There, in Quitar or Guayaquil, you will stay in a hotel until your cruise ship sets sail. In some cases, you can fly from Quitar to Guayaquil to the islands, and stay in hotels there. Some flights go to Santa Cruz Island, and some go to San Cristobal Island. Both islands are tourist friendly, and have nice hotels and a busy nightlife for travelers who like to dance and party.

Most adventure travel advisors online will recommend that you fly directly to Guayaquil if you are not interested in Quito. This will save you money on airfare. If you fly into Quito, you will have a stop over in Guayaquil anyway. Flying from Guayaquil to the islands is cheaper and ½ hour shorter than flying from Quito.

Prices for Flights

For people who live on the Galapagos Islands, the rates are the cheapest. Next, citizens of Ecuador receive a significant discount. The next discount, not quite as good as the one for Ecuadorans, is for people who live in countries that are part of the Andean pact. Finally, foreign visitors visiting in the low season receive a slight discount from those visiting during the high season. It is unclear whether a foreign citizen can use a ticket purchased for them by an Ecuadoran or Galapagos citizen.


Cruises also can originate from the visitor’s home country. However, if you start out on a huge cruise liner, you will, at some point, have to transfer to a smaller one. There is a limit to 100 per ship at the islands.

You can fly into Ecuador, and charter a cruise ship to the islands, anchoring off the islands at night and visiting during the day. Or, you can fly into Santa Cruz or San Cristobal and hire a cruise liner there.

There are cruise liners available for every budget, from bunking arrangements for student groups to luxury liners with spacious cabins and private baths. Different cruise lines offer different activities and the equipment to participate in these activities, so check the links carefully before you make reservations.

Hotel Stays

From the hotels on the Galapagos, you can take day trips to various points of interest on the islands. These can include snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, biking, surfing, bird watching, and various other activities. So, you can stay onshore or base your exploration of the islands from a cruise ship.

Road Trip Guidelines To Help Make It Great And Successful

Planning a road trip can be a huge responsibility especially for a first-timer. Even seasoned travelers encounter problems while on a road trip but the advantage they have is that they know how to handle and solve it right away. Road trip planning shouldn’t be a taxing task to undertake. It should be fun because the aim is to take the family on a trip where everyone can enjoy and bond altogether.

There are many places you can visit and even various activities you can do. During summertime, families love to go to beaches to beat the heat but some opt to go on hiking trips and camp high in the mountains. This activity isn’t as scary as it sounds like especially if you know the safest spot in the mountain to build the campsite and you’ve taken everything you’ll need.

Top Guidelines To Ensure A Great Road Trip

A road trip surely has this charming and addicting feature that makes it a favorite among families today. Planning one shouldn’t be difficult but here are guidelines that will make a great road trip for you and your family.

A week or days before the trip, drive the car to the nearest and trusted auto shop for maintenance and tune-up. Since you’ll be using the car for the road trip, it is a must that it’s fine-tuned and will never encounter a problem or suddenly break down while you’re driving. The wheels, engine, and any vital car system should be checked as well as the fuel.

The planning stage should also include knowing the route and roads to take to reach the destination. Use a map and go online to check out necessary details regarding the routes and roads leading to the place you decided to stay at. Visit this site to know the lodging and fueling stations, routes to take when you pass a certain road, and nearby hotels you can stop-over in case the driver suffers from fatigue. When you know the route, you know where you can get gas, eat, and rest for the while. You ought to know the directions so you don’t get lost.

Planning the seating arrangement once you know who joins the trip. You want everyone to enjoy the trip and the seating arrangement is one determining factor if they enjoyed the trip or not. It will help the person who has car sickness to sit near the window so he/she can get fresh air. The kids who tend to argue a lot with each other should be seated separately so there’s less provocation for a fight.

Bring movies, music, and toys for the kids to enjoy. The kids have the tendency to get bored a lot faster and they may get cranky all of a sudden. Bring a laptop or portable DVD player where they can watch movies, play music, or games.

Please don’t forget to bring snacks and beverage. Though the can give information on the nearest food center or restaurants to stop at, it is still necessary that you pack some just in case they get hungry again.

Always check if everyone is comfortable. Someone may need a blanket because they’re feeling cold or someone needs to take a medicine so get one from your first-aid kit. Also, check the AC if it’s working well so that everyone’s comfortable inside the car.

How Can You Benefit From A Journey Planner?

If you are thinking about touring or spending a vacation in a particular place abroad, there is a need for you to make all things prepared in the first place. This is very essential to any traveler who is planning to embark on a trip to another country. Take note that there is no way to return to your home just for a thing you have missed before you took your flight. You may fly back to your home to get that ‘very important thing’ but do you think that doing this is something practical for you? Of course, not!

Because of this, you need to come up with a good travel organizer in the first place so that you will have something to use and take care of all the things you will most likely need on your trip. Aside from the money and the important documents that you need to bring along with you, it is equally important to come up with a good journey planner right before you realize your trip.

Why Use a Journey Planner?

A journey planner is an essential tool that you need to have because this will keep all things organized and in the right place all the time. This is especially true when you want your itineraries to be in the right track. By having a journey planner, everything is arranged and organized for you, thus making your trip extra breezy along the way.

A journey planner can either be a manual planner, a program or software that can be installed on your smart phone, PC, laptop, or tablet. With a journey planner, you will be able to have the following things for your advantage:

Road Map

For sure, you are not yet familiar to the different directions in your destination simply because it is your first time in this place. If you think you are then there is a need for you to rely on a special kind of tool called a road map. The question is: where can you find a map that can used to find your directions in a particular place? A journey planner can provide you those maps.

Travel Itinerary

Having something to keep track of your travel itinerary is a convenient way to realize your trip to any point of the world. With the aid of a journey planner, your itinerary is being tracked so you will never have to worry and think about anything that you have forgotten or missed. With a journey planner, you will also have the chance to benefit from the useful instructions that will help you get in the way from one place to another. You will also have a breezy way to book for your accommodations, find cheap flights and customize your itinerary according to your preference.

If you want to have an organized trip then you should use a trusted and reliable journey planner to realize it. Visit Trip Mark and have the edge and the benefits that you can never have from other journey planners out there.